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Kelli Weaver
South Gate, CA
I'm Kelli Weaver, an artist. I'm told I have an eye for color. I design in crochet, mostly. I was inspired to do some polymer clay when I wanted to bake a nice handle onto a crochet hook. I've always painted and made jewelry. I even decorated cakes for several years. But the way I feel about the crochet is a bit different. I truly think the world could be falling down around me and as long as I'm crocheting, I'm happy. I always have more hooks in my purse than pens. I have crocheted since 2008 when my little sister taught me how. Since then, I've noticed that the things I make are destined for the recipient. Often, before I even know. I've made many things for many people, dogs, and even cats. My creations serve a practical purpose. I like to see my things getting used. I love to see my neighbor carrying the beautiful blue and green purse I crocheted. I enjoy seeing things made by others. Crochet lit a spark in me when I discovered it. That spark turned into a bonfire this past year. Desp
January 31, 2011