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Maggie Miller
I am a Painter and soap maker and the owner of Maggie G Miller Enterprises, llc. I believe that it is by no accident, only divine intervention that I delight in the process of creating.I want to convey the message of love, faith and encouragement through what I create, and to give back in each work of art a piece of all of my life experiences, discoveries, and my intimate moments with God and life reflections. I want to create beautiful things that bring joy and laughter and whimsy throughout people�s homes, and to cause others to pause for just a moment and remind others that we are all one of Gods beautiful masterpiece. I believe that every single day holds the promise of a new beginning, my life experience has taught me that everyday holds a new opportunity to live a life I love, to laugh out loud until it hurts my belly, to live life with purpose even when things don't seem to go as planned and trusting that God is in every itty bitty detail.
February 8, 2011