FotoFuze Professional



Central Wisconsin
We are handcrafters of sterling jewelry, creaters of soap and natural skincare items, sellers of supplies for making jewelry, scrapbooks, cards, skin care items, collectors of vintage and antique items some of which we sell in our shops, and somehow find the time to own and operate a small farm in central Wisconsin that's main crop is high quality hay for horses and cattle. We keep a bunch of chickens that has us giving away a lot of eggs because we have more than we need, a few head of cattle that are treated like house pets, a pair of cats that we feel are part of our family and feed the various strays that wander by, as well as having a horse that we love unconditionally that has us well trained and is so old, he probably was in the manger when Jesus was born:) Our farm explodes with too many beautiful sites to list and teaches us humility because it's one of only a few professions that you have no control over. We are at the mercy of weather and market conditions that keep us up at night, which is insan
February 26, 2012