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MaMaJo Diapers and Pads
Montreal, Canada
I am a cloth diapering mama, who decided to make diapers for my second little darling. After many requests, I have decided to offer a few on line.My father was in the fabric wholesale business and was forced out of business due to the manufacturing of goods in China. It is extremely important to me that my product be made in North America, and as much as possible, with fabrics made here too (even my thread is manufactured in Canada).I use only the best materials, and eco friendly material whenever possible.What is the point of using cloth diapers when they have had a huge carbon footprint (made with pesticides, shipped thousands of miles, unfair wages). So, my cost to produce them is very high. The only way I can offer them at these prices is by sewing them myself (at an unfair wage)!!! I love cloth diapering and it is a pleasure for me to make them. My time is limited, with my newborn son and my feisty daughter, so they are, and will always be, available in limited numbers.
August 23, 2011