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Karen Thompson
New York
imaginationunlimitidOpened on May 27, 2010Living Loving Life Lavishly!! A Holistic approach to living life. At Imagination Unlimit'D, we are dedicated to improving the quality of lives. Our approach has four components: body, mind, emotions and spirit. Not only are these components equally important, but they are also interconnected. We believe, for example, that when you receive treatment for a physical ailment, you reap emotional benefits. When you address emotional wounds, you strengthen your mental and physical health. Holistic health care is much like a richly varied garden. Such a garden requires consistent nurturing and care. And just as each plant in the garden must be tended in a different way, so a person must consciously tend to the different needs of his or her body, mind, emotions and spirit.As health care practitioners in the field of complementary and preventative medicine, we feel strongly that our patients are partners in the recovery process. In fact, treatment success depends on your bec
April 3, 2013