FotoFuze Professional

Tuesday Updates

Hi Fuzers!

First the news. We've hit 500,000 fuzed photos, and we have well over 17,000 fuzers! Just incredible! 

Second, we've been quite busy tinkering over here and I'd like to mention some new features that went live both today, and over the last month or so.

The first new feature of the day is signatures. Signatures are a common bit of information that is appended to each of your listing descriptions every time you publish through fotofuze. Its a super simple way to let your customers know more about you, your shop, and your own business right from the listing description. We recommend putting links to your own off-etsy website, links to your other etsy shops, and a copyright notice. You can find signatures right below the description field when publishing a listing.

Another new feature that went out recently is that we now have a warning icon on the top right of fuzed photos now to let you know that this recently fuzed photo is not on etsy and the listing needs to be published. This alieviates the headache when trying to remember which ones you publshed on etsy, and which ones you missed! :) 

The third and final feature that we are announcing is the beta feature of living etsy sales. This feature is still in beta, but allows you to schedule sales to start and stop on specific dates on a specific section of your shop, and even allows you to change those details live at any time. This means that you can start a sale at 30% off and then mid-sale change your mind and decide that you actually want 35% off to help drive some more sales to your shop. You simply change the number and FotoFuze will automatically make all the necessary adjustments for you! Check it out the next time you want to put your shop on sale and give us some feedback! 

We have some more exciting stuff going on at FotoFuze that we are working on and will update again soon!

Best wishes,

- The FotoFuze Team