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Love in Lace
I believe I have a great story in the life with so many surprises, great opportunities to bring me to this point to complete my life adventure...I should point I started to crochet in a very early age when the other kids play at the playground and always loved to add my own style to the traditional patterns firstly by mistake as a little girl now with an artistic vision..I've studied at the Art University in Istanbul but before I finished the school I got a great job offer to be an accessories designer in a very large export textile company and fell in love with all textile supplies..and I started to create my own bohemian elegant chic which exposes my taste in fashion.I came to USA in my life adventure and got some more art classes which are painting,drawing,ceramic etc. at the University in South Florida beside my jewelry business..My jewelry is in couple galleries, boutiques and art shows in South Florida to share my large portfolio...
September 2, 2011